This thesis is the culmination of what I believe to be my Soul contract on behalf of the Archangel Michael to become a small "p" prophet to "tell it like it is." The angel reminds me, "Behold he cometh like the Flaming Sword of Love to cut away all that has gone before!”; and that my mission is to "cut away the trash talk of those that are in the halls of power” so that we, the masses, may finally achieve our freedom and live in love, compassion, and prosperity.

Note that my references to the sayings of the Archangel Michael will always be in bold font and over time, I began to call this Archangel, SirMichael, while he began to call me Michaelsir.


I occasionally asked this Archangel Michael, "Why me?" and the answer was always "Why not you?" Indeed, why not me? Once I settled into my role in this mission for the Archangel Michael, I no longer questioned my calling, which is to challenge the status quo of our governing systems and the manipulations by those in great wealth and power to further their own narcissistic, psychopathic agendas.


The Archangel Michael said to me, “A prophet* (as we have stated previously, you all are in your own right) must be someone of such meekness, mildness, of such Love that he cries for your plight. But you must not see him in great stature for he is but one of you. But (we use that word many times in this discourse) someone must declare himself to lead you out of this frightful state that religion and men have taken you to."

*I have surmised that a “prophet” is somebody who advocates a cause or idea and is considered to be an inspired leader or teacher.

"He, Michael, both Michaels* want nothing more but to lead you out of this morass that the people of Planet Earth have created. Do you not realize it is time to take back your power as an individual of the Universe? You were/are being created for a higher purpose than to waste it on this separation of one from another."

*This separation extends to Michael II and myself. In this conversation, I had not yet become aware of Michael II and initially believed it to be the Archangel Michael and me, this earth-bound Michael; however, Michael II is a walk in Soul at the time of my near death and in a coma for several weeks at age 11. Michael is my birth name, but changed it sometime ago to Mike.


The following are excerpts of my conversations with Archangel Michael. Each of these conversations is signed with an M ( not bold) as my signature. The first took place on April 9, 2019:

"Yes, your Earthly Michael will be your Knight representative of the Knights of the Round table we wish to create all for your purpose to fulfill your earnest desire to enjoy the fruits of your labors. I could ramble on BUT (yuk, there it is again) it is time for action not more words. Your Michael has all that he requires (needs would have been just as good, Michael) to carry out this mission. So gather around this gentle soul and he will lead you out of this darkness that engulfs planet Earth. Go in Peace and Love and all will be and can be well....” M.

The following is from a conversation that took place on August 1, 2017:

"Take heed all of you who are in positions of power, you are under soul contract to heal planet Earth and its people, yet you go about with your heads in the sands of time, so to speak and pay no heed to the people in your charge. You must make amends to the people in your charge by righting the wrongs of the past, and those wrongs are simply separation one from another. It need not be that way, but you are so caught up in treating the effects rather than treating the symptoms of what ails planet Earth and its people, it is separation one from another as many of my Teachers have brought to you. You are not so different one from another because you have been created from the one Source that has created everything in perfection, down to the last grain of sand.” M.


This conversation is from November 16, 2009:

"We love these ramblings with your Michael, for he is our (oh, ok Michael) another one of our Masters about you (in your midst). Listen well to this embodiment of my Law of Love. And we thank you for your diligence in performing your contract, your soul contract for the greater good of all mankind. We are most proud of this passion for our writings. And it shall be done. Yes Michael, in this lifetime.

Behold he cometh like the sword/flame of Love to cut away all that has gone before!

Go in peace and love and all will be and can be well.” M.

This lively conversation happened on December 25, 2012:


“And on December 25 yet, (chuckle) it just so happens your true destiny has arrived and become known. Yes Michael, it is time to ‘put the pedal to the metal’ or some quaint saying of you people.

Tally Ho! Yes Tally Ho! Our very trusted servant!" M.


"With love and thank you".


"Thank you, Michaelsir." M.


"With much love!"


My conversations with the Archangel Michael are not entirely out of the question as there have been many other notable ‘conversations’ by many other esteemed authors, who have had and are having conversations with non-physical entities from the ‘other side’ such as ‘angels’ and yes, even ‘God’. Consider Conversations with God (CwG), which is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsh. The books centre on dialogue in which Walsh asks questions and God answers.


There are numerous examples of people sharing their unearthly connections including the Kroyn Writings Inc. channelled by Lee Carol and the teachings of a non-physical entity known as ‘Abraham’ presented by Esther Hicks.


I believe that over the past decade, I have been led by my mentor—the Archangel Michael—to carry out a specific task and that is "to tell it like it is." You may rightfully ask, "What kept you so long?" Well, to make a very long story as short as possible, until just very recently (as I compose this), I have been delayed as the result of negative energies that were brought to me through my walk-in Soul mate, Michael II, that were meant "to do me harm" (and they did) until I had a spontaneous "healing" from these negative energies just very recently. Michael II was unaware of these negative energies until we had become one. I am finally free to be me and to continue my task on behalf of this Archangel.

How do I know that these conversations with this Archangel Michael are the real deal? A great friend of mine with a unique connection to "Source" (a.k.a. god) has confirmed it on multiple occasions. As well, there is my Mother, Pearl, from the other side. Pearl was a devoted Jehovah's Witness when she passed over. Pearl had this to ‘say’, when I had completed my first website,

"I am in awe of the work you are doing with Archangel Michael. I never would have thought it possible when I was alive on earth. I bless you every day for what you are doing. It has opened my heart and mind. I love you very much. Pearl."


This note was passed to me one Sunday morning by an acquaintance, who is also clairaudient meaning one who hears clearly. This acquaintance could not have known anything about my "work" or my family and that my Mother's name was Pearl.

So began this thesis.


Chapter Three

Personal Relevance

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