• Mike Kennedy

Western Civilization will Fall. Here's Why.

In short, the fall of western civilization is likely to occur soon. The reasons for this lie in the confluence between at least three different historic trends, each one leading to the next.

First, in the pre-renaissance period, essentially all art was dedicated to God. Then, humanism began. Humanism, of course, is not an evil movement, however, anything can become corrupt when it is out of balance. The West achieved a relative balance between living for oneself and living for God, the higher good, but then the Industrial Revolution changed everything materially and, ultimately, lead to a vitally important generation: the baby-boomers. They were the first generation to spoil their children, to let children skip out on church, to suspect the government, to see elders as optional friends and not as treasured leaders and authority figures. China, however, has always held its Confucian core, which is based on social duty. The son obeys the father, the father obeys his father, the family revers its ancestors, those who laid the foundations, perfect or imperfect, for today.

In the West today, each person is their own brand on Facebook and Instagram. The child is the god who can now choose their sex, their gender, choose what is important to learn and whom to learn from. They have devalued the elders and distrust the government and church, perhaps rightfully so, to some extent. However, one very uncomfortable truth is that people need to be governed. We all fall into a hierarchy or Paletto curve of order. We're not all geniuses or mouth-breathing idiots. The intellectual, scientific elite need to lead, but they also need to be our moral, ethical, and spiritual elite. Unfortunately, spirituality is now taboo and those who believe in a higher power are now considered cooks unfit for any position of authority.

This is the moral and spiritual vacuum that no one is talking about. Many people now talk about "virtual signaling,” essentially the act of calling out others on their immoral behavior for the purpose of lazily enhancing one's own virtue. When some of us were young, we were taught the virtues via faith and how to exemplify them: "O God guide me, protect me, illumine the lamp of my heart. And make me a brilliant star. Thou are the Mighty and Powerful." Unfortunately, for the millennial and iGen generations of the 90's and beyond, virtue is simply "feeling good and fair in the moment according to our own emotional compass". Again, science, intellect, nor emotion is not enough to lead any individual to a content and meaningful existence.

Now, the two points above have led to a unique opportunity for self-serving government officials. Consider the situation: how to sway a volatile, emotional, largely spoiled, self-serving populace with little to no moral compass? Emotion-based social justice. If there exists no devil to be feared, create one in the virus or in racism to instill fear and anger in the populace and to promote action. As long as whomever is in power stays within the narrative and stands to benefit from said narrative. Then, what is "good" is to follow the whimsical social justice narrative. Imagine if, for every brick thrown in racial anger, an afternoon was spent with Big Brothers / Big Sisters, or volunteering at a local soup kitchen, or so on? What if, instead of being held indoors in fear of the virus, people were carefully motivated to a higher good? Unfortunately, those currently in power are bereft of the moral / spiritual compass to lead without anything but fear and division.

Now, let’s consider China. Sure, it’s not perfect. It has its own injustices, but they are magnified by the Western media almost simply out of envy because what, for example, China accomplishes, they West cannot. China has the Confucian, social-duty-based foundation. Chinese people understand that, to at least some extent, they need to be governed, that there are hard decisions to be made. The Chinese people understand sacrifice and have the ability to postpone self-satisfaction in the moment for the benefit of the future. Yes, the virus was out of control in Wuhan last February, March, and April. But the government here made the tough choices to contain the virus for the sake of the common good and, to be honest, people felt safe in Shanghai by June of 2020.

There were slight outbreaks in the northeast of the country-near Russia-for some time. And a trickling of cases here and there, but people sacrificed a portion of their personal privilege and privacy for the greater good. Although this virus issue seems to be a social / scientific issue, notice how often moral vocabulary are mentioned: sacrifice, duty (or responsibility), and so on. It is clear that the West has jumped off the moral precipice to its own demise. Let's be realistic–the youth will not climb back to the bastions of spirituality: it's too hard, and the benefits take too long to realize. It's easier to chastise someone online in the heat of the moment or to throw a brick than to sit quietly in contemplation, to make a solid plan, and to build something truly good, step-by-step. As such, the West is doomed to end in the next decade.

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