• Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

Vaccine-injured woman from B.C. breaks her silence

Remember the catchy Big Pharma-loving phrase, “the first shot, is the best shot?” Well, that certainly wasn’t the case for many who took the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, including a B.C. woman named Celeste Pennington.

Pennington, a mother of two, small business owner and wife, suffered from multiple adverse reactions after “doing her part” by taking her first shot for AstraZeneca. Now she’s suffering more so, due to the province's vaccine passport which has segregated her from parts of society due to not being able to take a second dose. She has now finally broken her silence about what she went through.

“I was in bed for about 2 days with really heavy spins, like where you walk into walls, you can’t make it anywhere, you can’t even make it to the toilet without falling over,” Pennington said when describing her initial reaction to the injection. The dizziness lasted for nearly an entire month, but wasn’t the last of her feeling unwell from the shot. Like many other women, Pennington experienced significant irregularities to her menstrual cycle, adding to her belief that another COVID-19 shot would do her more harm than good.

I came across Pennington’s story after she made a tear-filled post on social media, while sitting in her car as her family members were able to enjoy the Vancouver Aquarium, while she was forbidden from joining them due to her vaccination status. In this video Pennington discusses the ordeal she went through due to the jabs, and continues to go through due to discriminatory COVID-19 mandates.

If you are tired of the discrimination and segregation that vaccine passports, and "no jab, no pay" policies have caused, please contact me to discuss your experiences and available next steps by e-mailing mkennedy@reluctantprophet.ca.

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