• Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

United Nations Inaction Costs Us All

Hello friends,

As you know, for several years, I have held ongoing conversations with the Archangel Michael. Now, the Archangel has instructed me to directly address the United Nations on his behalf.

The Archangel Michael wishes to bring to the General Assembly’s attention to serious concerns of those residing in the "unseen heavens," and to query why they have neglected to act to ensure peace for our time.

The Archangel Michael specifically states:

“I view the United Nations as the vehicle and catalyst to establish peace on this planet for all people, such that they may live in peace and harmony. However, it is now high time for you—the United Nations—to put your wasted years of inaction behind you and finally take the action necessary to establish this peace.”

“You must come together as one source of knowledge, wisdom, and direction so that all may hear your words. It is not enough I these times of Gathering to be doing your “own” thing. It is time to gather as one so that the momentum of all that is to be will verily change this planet and all that reside in this gift from the Light Source. You Knights of this new round table must cast aside all your pretentious desires of the ego. You must act as one mind, desiring nothing else but to bring the message of love to all peoples. For this will be so.”

“Yet it is in the absolute lack of consciousness of the togetherness of mankind that prevents the UN from accomplishing its ideals. The ideal of all peoples is to reside without fear of one another–the full measure of their birthright.”

“It is obvious that there is a wave of discontent presently on this planet. Take the Occupy Wall Street and so-called Arab Spring phenomena, for instance. The Middle East continues to be a smoldering threat to the very welfare of the planet Earth and its people. And need I mention a number of rogue nations that quite obviously possess narrow-minded, nationalistic, and theocratic agendas that do not auger well for the well-being of this planet. These are only the tips of the proverbial iceberg relating to the discontent of the people in your charge.”

Archangel Michael further notes that the UN’s burden of responsibility must rest with those five nations that were given a power of the veto that was “not theirs to wield.”

The consequences of the UN’s recent actions and, more importantly, their consistent inaction is that planet Earth and our hierarchical societal systems are in complete turmoil. In fact, most member nations have come to realize they can carry out their nationalistic agendas with virtual impunity.

But there is a way to reverse this downward spiral, and therefore the Archangel Michael has now stepped in to provide this address.

Members of the UN General Assembly must now realize that the fate of the entire human race rests on their shoulders. Humanity’s evolution and successful exit out of brute self-interest depends entirely on the UN’s willingness to transform their individual consciousnesses—to rise above smallness, to evolve beyond primitive conditioning, and to become an exemplar of humanity’s highest potential for the world.

As Einstein put it“the splitting of the atom has changed everything but the human mind, and thus we drift towards catastrophe.”

And consider the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

The fate of the planet and its people rest on the shoulders of the United Nations. General Assembly, you must now become aware that acted now can and will make a profound difference to the outcome of our spiritual evolution as a people and may finally bring a peace within this time.

This is a call that is being echoed through out planet for eons of generations.

It is time to recognize that a giant wave—a tsunami of love, compassion, and harmony with all peoples—regardless of nation, state, creed, color, and religion.

I hope that you carry and forward this message as well. Stay strong, my followers.

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