• Mike Kennedy

The Archangel Michael Speaks to Me Again

This is written record of a conversation between the Archangel Michael and me on August 15, 2021 at 3:27 p.m. Pacific Time. The Archangel Michael's words are in blue; my humble words are black.

Am I hearing things? It's most unusual to receive a one ring notification to signify a pending conversation with the Archangel Michael, but then perhaps it's not so obvious for other reasons.

"No, Michaelsir, it is WE, and we love you."

"Well, this is a surprise but somewhat expected."

"Yes, here we are again, dealing with the same topic. Why are you holding back from 'telling it like it is'?"

"Well, I just get to the point of doing something and then it's full stop again. It is MAD out there, and who is going to pay attention or even listen? It is a difficult time in our evolutiona result of self-brute force."

"Yes, obviously we agree with youthis is the most crucial time in your evolution; indeed, a result of self-brute forcebut this is a point of no return for your people. Yes, they have been indoctrinated to believe in the greatest lie ever encountered by your people, it is tragic, yet there is hope, your voice to alert to an Orwellian future that escapes description."

"Michaelsir, you have the time and wherewithal at your disposal to 'tell it like it is' and not spare the feelings of this maddening crowd."

"Yes, I very much feel this terrible burden you all have placed on meone bewildered Soul. I believe you know I find it a heavy weight to carry."

"Of course, and we will continue to keep you...hmmm, keep you informed of our trust in you to take that leap of faithto tell it like it is and not to mince words. There is and has been no time like the present to... yes, that one... to finally finish your Soul contract on this journey of journeys through many times and places."

"You are a star seed, one of many, but the only one who has the contract to awaken the masses to their impending doom. Yes, it is now imperative to put the pedal to the floor. This will be our last effort to get you to make that final push to awaken your people, because once this moment has come and gone, you may not have another opportunity."

"Michaelsir, our trust in you has never wavered, but we too can only alert you to the most critical task to which you have ever been entrusted. Be reluctant no longer Michaelsir, our trusted Son. Now, tally ho!"

"Thank you, SirMichael."

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