• Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

It's Not Over!

Freedom protesters across the country continue to march for an end to all restrictions.

Protestors are still coming out in droves to keep on demonstrating for freedom in cities across the country. As long there are discriminatory policies in place, regardless of whether it’s provincial or federal, we must unite to fight back!

Take a look at this rally in Toronto from earlier this week.

Despite Ontario and other provinces across the country lifting vaccine passport requirements for restaurants, movie theatres, gym and other indoor activities, freedom protesters in Toronto want all medical segregation to be removed. This past weekend at the weekly freedom rally that takes place every Saturday at Queens Park North, notorious for marching throughout the downtown core, the attendees are adamant on demonstrating until the federal vaccine mandate for flying and boarding a train imposed by Trudeau are removed for everyone.

On March 4, 2022, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam in her weekly COVID press conference admitted that although restrictions are being loosened and outright removed now, deadly lockdown policies are still on the table for future wall and winter seasons. This is alarming considering a Johns Hopkins paper that came out against the measure, namely that these egregious government overreaches only curbed deaths by 0.2%. The conclusion of that study is that these authoritarian measures have “little to no public health effects” adding that they should be

“rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.” Yet Theresa Tam says: “we still need to be flexible with the suite of measures should it become necessary.”

That is why the Freedom movement across the country continues to show up in full force every week. In the case of the Toronto protest, the Toronto police blockaded all roads leading into the legislature at Queens Park because of an alleged convoy heading to the city, marking the full month of continuous government-funded barricades in the city. Over a thousand rally-goers showed up with their Canadian flags and signs. They had a passionate singing of O Canada before heading out and marching throughout the downtown core.

The protesters were very strong in their views that they will continue to demonstrate for freedom in the city as long there are discriminatory policies in place, regardless of whether it’s provincial or federal. As it stands, Canadians who are not jabbed cannot fly domestically or fly out of the country, nor board a train. This was implemented as a campaign promise from Justin Trudeau during the 2021 election campaign where he divided the vaccinated and the unvaccinated for political gain.

We must continue to stand together and unite this country in the name of love! If you wish to speak to me about what can be done, please contact me by e-mail.

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