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November 26, 2021—Kelowna, B.C.

Human beings are currently suffering from an oppression by an international hierarchy of elite predators, whose organized and carefully planned goals are actively stealing national governments from their citizens and obliterating individual liberties. It is the mission of Dr. Mike Shymkowich Kennedy (The Reluctant Prophet) to lead the charge in overcoming these tyrants.

Dr. Kennedy has taken on the moniker of “The Reluctant Prophet” as a result of his ongoing conversations with his mentor, the Archangel Michael. Initially, he had reservations accepting his assigned role as a prophet, in carrying out his Soul contract to “tell it like it is” (a direct quote from one of many conversations with this Archangel).

However, Dr. Kennedy is alert to the current state of the world and as we reach the most critical stage of this crisis, he recognized that we must unite to rise and fight against the real evil in our midst—those that seek to throw society into total chaos and enact immeasurable suffering against all of us.

Dr. Kennedy is much more than one would surmise at first glance; he is a gifted clairaudient who possesses a unique perspective of unfolding events on this planet given his regular communication with the Archangel Michael.

This Archangel has acted as a mentor to Dr. Kennedy for decades, preparing him to be an Avatar for this age—a Star Seed. Ultimately, Mike has been tasked to awaken the masses to the impending doom that is now unfolding before all of us.

As the Archangel Michael has stated to Dr. Kennedy:

A prophetas we have stated previously, you all are in your own rightbut it must be someone of such meekness, mildness, of such Love that he cries for your plight. But you must not see him in great stature for he is but one of you. But (we use that word many times in this discourse) someone must declare himself to lead you out of this frightful state from which religion and men have taken you.

Words fail to come to describe what this planet may become, lifelessyes, that is the word, lifeless in every respect. How is that for telling it like it may be. May bebut we rest our cause in your hands Michaelsir. We are getting tired of imploring you to rescue your planet and its people from a total disaster.

It is your time, the Earth's time, and your fellow man and woman's time. But enough of this rambling, we cannot say it any more forceful, it is time, your time to be our voice of reason.

Archangel Michael has also pointed out that the pandemic was slow to improve and that simply waiting for it to resolve would be pointless.

The time is now, otherwise this virus will get the upper hand. The elites that have fabricated this virus have only one objective: to keep people enslaved to their psychopathic agenda. Make no mistake, your planet and all its species are at the brink of extinction!

You are a Star Seedone of manybut the only one who has been contracted to awaken the masses to their impending doom. Yes, it is now imperative to put the pedal to the floor. This will be our last effort to get you to make that final push to awaken your people, because once this moment has come and gone, you may not have another opportunity.

Michaelsir, our trust in you has never wavered, but we too can only alert you to the most critical task to which you have ever been entrusted. Be reluctant no longer Michaelsir, our trusted Son. Now, tally ho!

The Archangel Michael also pointed out that Dr. Kennedy is indeed a space traveler.

You must remember this is just one of your many journeys—and not always on the ame planet. You are truly one of our so-called space travelers and, yes, this time around your are tasked to tell it like it is, however you may choose to do so. That is just another one of your lessons. You have much to share here, and you are not yet aware of the tremendous knowledge that you will disseminate.

Now is the time for all of us to find our courage to stand up for liberty around the world we, do not support calls for violence or a civil war, instead we condemn them. The death and suffering of our people on any side of a violent conflict are unacceptable. Instead, we must rise to make ourselves known. We must organize massive peaceful civil protests and demonstrations conducted on the principles of loving kindness, a worldwide nonviolent heroic resistance exemplified by the lives of Martin Luther King Junior and Mahatma Gandhi.

Thomas Paine wrote, “these are the times that try men's souls,” and that time has come again. These are indeed the times that summon us to stand up for or individual freedoms and political liberty throughout our beloved planet.

The evil forces are coming for our children, and we must stop them before it is too late. We must reclaim our freedoms from all various stakeholder vultures and ultimately seize our freedom.

Join the fight and you will find yourself no longer alone. You will become empowered and will make wonderful new friends. Your life will take on new meaning when you realize you have a rare opportunity in history to fight for the values that we have inherited for eons of time, and the existence of individual and political liberty on earth. Contact Dr. Kennedy to learn more and to join the movement!


Dr. Mike Shymkowich Kennedy, Lt(N) Ret’d, B.Sc, M.Sc., D.Ms is a 92-year old academic, blogger, and communicator who has identified numerous threats to today’s society. He stresses the importance of uniting and working together to preserve our future.

Interviews with Mike are available: e-mail mkennedy@reluctantprophet.ca or call (250) 712-9599.

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