• Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

Leave the Children Alone!

Hello, friends. I'd like you to carefully read this article as it deals with our kids.

Health Canada and the FDA have now approved massive drug company Pfizer's application to vaccinate 5- to 12-year-old children. This approval was based on a study that the pharmaceutical giant claimed to have completed. The Trudeau and Biden administrations are whole-heartedly on board.

This is reckless and dangerous based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without any scientific basis.

Are children actually at risk for COVID-19 to a degree that would warrant a vaccine? Even though the infection mortality rate is roughly similar to seasonal influenza? Where’s the evidence to support this initiative!

In reality, the estimated IFR is close to zero for children and young adults. And, the global data is unequivocal that deaths from Covid are incredibly rare in children.

It is clear that children are at very low risk of spreading the infection to other children or to adults, as seen in many household transmission studies.

This implies that any mass inoculation or even clinical trials on children with such near zero risk of spread and illness or death is unethical, and potentially associated with significant harm.

The risk-benefit discussion for children with these COVID-19 injections is a very different one than that for adults. The fact is this is a completely novel and experimental injection therapy with no medium or long-term safety data–or even definitive effectiveness data. If we move forward with the vaccination of our children without the proper safety testing, then we will present them with potentially catastrophic risk, including deaths in some.

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers recently reported that when they looked at a group of about 48,000 children in the US infected with the virus, they found zero COVID deaths among the healthy kids.

The bottom line is that there is very little risk and no data or evidence or science to justify any of the COVID-19 injections in children. Under no circumstance should we expose the risk of the injections to children, and to consider putting risk on children so as to protect adults is perverse and wrong.

Instead, we must establish who is COVID-recovered from their natural immunity, as this is a critical piece of the puzzle before any determining any injection.

Additionally, if public health agency leaders Fauci, Walensky, and Collins continue to demand that our children be vaccinated, then they must remove liability protection for all who benefit from it.

If drug producers and others who stand to gain from vaccinating kids have no risk on the table, then we cannot take this chance as parents.

You can probably feel and sense that something is not entirely proper about these vaccines in our children. And, if children are at such low risk, then it shouldn’t be a problem for these officials and vaccine developers to remove their protection. If they won’t, then ask yourself, what are they hiding?

I encourage you to view the Reluctant Prophet YouTube channel for more insight into the COVID pandemic and the reasons behind it.

Stay strong, my friends.

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