• Mike Kennedy

How Many Jabs Are Enough?

I am much saddened this morning as I pick my way through my reliable (not MSM) sources of information on the present situation on our planet Earth. Saddened and disturbed by the fact that the current focus is getting everyone vaccinated with an experimental shot—that has not and will never be classified as a legitimate vaccine.

The ubiquitous message is that this vaccine is and will be the cure-all for COVID-19—the so-called virus—and ALL other mutated versions, including Delta. And now, as further variants enter the picture, the powers that be are now calling for an ongoing series of booster shots.

What they don't tell you is that all viruses mutate—and they always will—regardless of any vaccine. Yet, we keep hearing that the Delta variant is now running amok and the only answer is, "herd immunity" via a battery of ongoing jabs.

We now know this experimental jab that they're pushing has created alarming adverse reactions across the planet. The total of these negative reactions is simply unheard of in the history of all vaccines, yet your governing bodies continue to pursue this illogical and unscientific approach to "combating" COVID.

I am not the first to sound the alarm of this impending catastrophic event. In his recent work, "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind", David Icke connected all the dots by detailing 'The Global Cult', which operates across borders and around the world to advance a long-planned agenda for total human control.

I suggest that my free website, Reluctant Prophet, has also pursued and communicated the truth in a similar fashion. Beware, The Committee of 300, which originated in the year 1750 and flourishes in building their evil empire today.

No matter the title applied to this group of psychopaths, they have only one agenda: to establish a One World Government that most certainly does not have the best interest of the masses—including you and me—at heart.

I remain,

Dr. Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

Your Reluctant Prophet

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