• Mike Kennedy

Beware The Elite

In my work to date I have recounted my ongoing conversations with the Archangel Michael and detailed my role as a prophet for this Age.

It is imperative that you hear this one key message: now is the most critical time in humanity's history. We are undergoing a series of crimes perpetrated by The Elite—also known as The Illuminati and The Committee of 300.

Through my discussions with the Archangel Michael, I have identified that The Elite have only one agenda: a New World Order, which is referred to as "The Great Reset". This can no longer be termed a conspiracy theory as the evidence is now right before us.

Their current weapon is a virus, which has not yet been isolated and resulted in the deaths of millions. Then came a miracle vaccine and more booster shots to follow.

The Committee of 300 has successfully instilled a fear and psychosis among the masses, and most importantly—a fear of one another.

Perhaps you have already obediently and unflinchingly followed their orders regardless of the consequences to your health, your family's well-being, and your future state.

Indeed, we are all on a slippery slope coasting towards Orwell's 1984, where you will be nothing more than a mere serf... "until they kill you".

Why have The Elite pursued this plan? The reasons are straight-forward: they will gain power from your subservience and possess the psychopathy to not hold any remorse. If gaining absolute power means depopulating the Earth, then so be it.

Where can one find the truth in this so-called pandemic? You won't find it on the main-stream media. Instead, you must be diligent: scour the internet and seek sources such as Global Research News, Waking Times, and Dr. Mecola.

I also encourage you to read my work contained in my website, which clearly reveals these psychopaths for who they truly are. There is also a solution: The Power of 8.

We can overcome if you follow my lead.

-The Reluctant Prophet

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