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My Latest Conversation with Archangel Michael

Friends, it has been some time since I last wrote and posted for several reasons, all of which have been a result of the recent pandemic. I must admit that I found myself waiting for the "right moment," but it now appears that moment may never come.

The Archangel Michael made that quite clear to me in a recent conversation that took place on July 13, 2021 at 4:00 a.m. He alerted me by ringing my landline once, and upon engaging with him, it turned out to be the longest chat we have ever had, lasting approximately one hour.

Early in our discussion, Archangel Michael said to me, "Michaelsir, we have said many times over, it's entirely up to you to alert the masses to the terrible injustices being thrust upon them. Yes, you, Michaelsir! You are 'a' not 'the' prophet for this Age."

He then admonished me: "You may have squandered a golden opportunity to set the record straight!"

Later, in our conversation, he instructed, "Michaelsir, do us proud—pick up the sword of truth and cut through the maze of untruth on your planet."

To close our meeting, the Archangel Michael stated, "Take care, Michaelsir. We are watching with bated breath the actions of the One that may change the course of the future history of planet Earth and its people. Carry on, our most trusted servant of the people... for the people."

It has now become obvious to me that this conversation should be posted and circulated among my many followers. And, I encourage you to review my written works on this website, which clearly identify the true evil in our midst.

Until we speak again,

Dr. Michael Shymkowich Kennedy

Your Humble Servant

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