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An Introduction

My name is Mike Shymkowich Kennedy, and I am a prophet for this age. I was once reluctant to my voice heard but no longer.

I have been in conversations with my mentor the Archangel Michael for some time now and I began to refer to this Archangel as “Sirmichael” and It would refer to me as Michaelsir (Michael being my birth name). There was one constant theme through out our conversations that I was to expose the real evil in our midst, the psychopaths, that have only one agenda and that is to enslave the masses under a One World Government.

I often asked, “why me” and the answer has always been “why not you”. How could I refuse when the very fate of the masses on this planet is at risk.My role as a prophet is to introduce you to a new idea - a new paradigm for a just society, where everyone will gather under the canopy of unconditional love, regardless of all that separates us now.

From a recent conversation with the Archangel Michael:

“Words fail to come to describe what this planet may become, lifeless, yes that is the word, lifeless in every respect. How is that for telling it like it may be. May be – but we rest our cause in your hands Michaelsir. We are getting tired (again) of imploring you to “rescue” your planet and its people from a total disaster. (for future reference, all SirMichael’s conversations will be in BOLD font)

Enough said, again, it is time, your time, the Earth's time, your fellow man/woman's time. But enough of this rambling, we cannot say it any more forceful, it is time, your time to be our voice of reason.

M (the only signature I have of this Archangel Michael)

I am a common citizen of your Planet Earth and a resident of Canada. I have been entrusted with my Soul contract to alert the peoples of Planet Earth of the terrible danger you/we face at the hands of a real evil in our midst, psychopaths at every level of our governing systems and I hasten to add our present organized religions.

The year 2020 began with, again, such promise but little did we realize that these psychopaths were about to release a virus that would endanger every people in every corner of your planet, Earth. In essence the prelude to their One World Government that would enslave all peoples except for an exceedingly small minority of psychopaths.

This current pandemic is a definitive planned scenario and has been in its process for decades and now threatens the very health and welfare of all people regardless of color, race, nation and or state. I would suggest that if each of one of us should look behind the main stream media (MSM) propaganda news of this world wide lockdown that we would find that there is alternative news that is not controlled by the Committee of 300, cabal, the Illuminati. That this "pandemic" is nothing more than another virus that was in fact created by the psychopaths, the real evil in our midst, to usher in their long awaited One World Government.

For several years I continually wrote to my web sites the fact that peoples are generally loving, kind and compassionate and wondered why there was so much turmoil on your planet. It was perfect timing that I came across “political ponerology”, a scientific study that could in fact identify a “psychopath” from the brain scans and a number of character flaws that separated these psychopaths from the general population. It has been estimated that 4% of the population are indeed psychopaths. And remember, for the most part they are at the head of all our governing systems.

I continued my studies on this very theme and published my findings in my PhD. dissertation to my web site “reluctantprophet.ca” and the accompanying Facebook page.

My personal story is a very long story but it all, of my story, is pertinent but for the time being may I say it has only been the last few years that it became apparent that I had a unique purpose on this journey of mine, on your planet. For years I have had these reminders that I had something unique to share with our fellow travelers on this planet and at this time given the chaotic affairs on this planet Earth.

Of course, my story would not be complete if I did not acknowledge that my mentor the Archangel Michael has defined my role as the messenger for these times. And just recently Archangel Michael reminded me that I “must not tarry” on my mission to “tell it like it is”. It became obvious just this year that I had to take the next step in alerting the masses to the dangers at the hands of the Committee of 300, the Illuminati, et.al., so I published my third web site “reluctantprophet.ca” which contained evidence that linked our chaotic times to the agenda of a One World Government at the hands of the Committee of 300.

This is the first of numerous posts to follow, so please stay tuned. We are the voice of reason and we are the voice of change.

May the force be with us.

Michael Shymkowich Kennedy

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