Chapter One

An Introduction

Our planet and its people have never before experienced the dilemma we now face: the extinction of humanity—an advanced and creative species. As we unrelentingly stagger towards our annihilation, we are laying bare the very soil we walk on and with it the thousands of other species that are hovering on the brink of extinction, or those that have already become extinct. If humans create one or more cataclysms that decimate some species including our own, Planet Earth might eventually recover, albeit on a path irreparably altered by so many losses. Can WE change our path, avert catastrophic destruction and survive in harmony with the Earth and its precious life forms?


Yes, we can and must!

Our demise will be brought about by one single factor: the psychopaths in our midst—who, according to Andrew Lobaczewski, the author of Political Ponerology, consist of 4% of our population. In a world of 8 billion this equates to approximately 320 million people. They operate at every level of our governing systems including religion and the greedy corporate conglomerates of every kind. It is their blatant and now obvious intention to enslave the masses under a New World Order governed by an elite few. "It is the total consolidation of global power into the hands of a ruthless, minority elite who aim to rape the planet and enslave the human race," writes Sigmund Fraud, staff writer for This New World Order becomes the more ominous and correctly named One World Government.

In retrospect, I began writing this thesis three years ago, in the form of a book and then a website with the domain name, This work came to a full stop for health reasons. I had agreed to this Soul contract or "mission" at the prodding of my Soul Family before incarnating into this life form. As it seems to be in every case, on arriving back in the physical form, we forget the reason(s) for this incarnation. As well, daily life often seems to take precedence over the ‘mission’. But looking back now, I realize that there have been sign posts prior to my connection and conversations (being clairaudient, that is "clear hearing") with the Archangel Michael, that kept reminding me of my mission/contract that has brought me to this moment in time. At some prodding from this Archangel Michael, I began to become aware of my role in taking this message of deliverance to the masses.

I am no longer a reluctant prophet, small "p", with the one task assigned to me by the Archangel Michael, and that is "to tell it like it is" and expose the psychopaths in our midst who threaten the very existence of mankind and may very well lay barren this beloved Planet Earth. These psychopaths are extremely small in number, as we will see in a later chapter, but by the very definition of psychopathy, they are prepared to consolidate more power and wealth in the hands of the few, the Elitists, the Plutocrats, under the guise of The Committee of 300 regardless of the consequences to their fellow man/womankind. The tentacles of this psychopathy reach far back into the history of mankind, which is more than just a conspiracy theory, and the facts are far more evident this day, but most of us are reluctant to acknowledge that there is a real evil in our midst.


Beware the psychopaths in our midst.

I often wondered how our world leaders could keep doing what they have been doing for eons of time and expect a different result, but it has become abundantly clear to me that the psychopaths in our midst know the end result of their actions: a One World Government.  I believe Donald Trump is the latest puppeteer of The Committee of 300 knowing full well their One World Government ‘agendas’ may very well lay bare our beloved planet Earth and with it the masses of people who want/wish nothing more than to live in peace and prosperity with one another.

Then I discovered the word "ponerology" and it all began to become clearer why we are in the most threatening time in our evolution. On his website, Andrew Lobaczewski defines ponerology as a division of theology dealing with evil; theological doctrine of wickedness or evil; from the Greek: poneros meaning evil. Ponerology describes the genesis, existence, and spread of the macrosocial disease called evil. Its causes are traceable and can be repeatedly observed and analyzed.

“During times of deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act,” wrote George Orwell, who was born Eric Arthur Blair (June 25, 1903 – January 21, 1950)  was a novelist, essayist, journalist and critic.

The "truth" will astound you and, if you care for the future of our planet and all of its inhabitants, you must resist the temptation to call what I am about to reveal "just another conspiracy theory."  I have connected most, if not all, the dots of these so-called conspiracy theories and can now conclude that we and planet Earth are under threat from a real evil, the psychopaths in our midst.

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