Chapter Two

Literature Review

I have channelled conversations with Archangel Michael over a number of years - usually taking place at 3 a.m., although lately it is later in the morning in deference to my age; and, more often than not, initiated by this Archangel with the one ring of my land line. My wife, Annette, has heard it at times.

Over time, as we became more familiar with each other, I began to call AAMichael, Sir Michael and It, in turn, began to call me Michaelsir. How do I know it is this Angel or any Angel? I ask, "do you love me?" and the answer must always be "yes", a negative, unworthy "energy" cannot answer in the affirmative and the conversation is/must be terminated. Sir Michael's conversation will always be in bold font, followed only by 'M'.

The following works have provided a foundation for the basis of the arguments contained herein.

How to Change the World

Elina St. Onge

Published January 15, 2014

Author is a director and writer, known for The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience (2011).

I have read this book a number of times, one that I too would have written too, some years ago, but there is one element, the psychopaths in our midst that is missing and becomes just another book. The readers do not allow for "psychopaths", the real evil, in our midst at every level of our governing systems (and religion)  to explain why we are in such turmoil this very day.


George Orwell

A Penguin Book, first published by Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd., 1949, by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell).

What our fate might be where the machinations of a One World government have created a mankind of mere serfs to do the bidding, a powerful elite of a few hundred men and women, the Committee of 300. Every page a chilling reminder of what could be our fate and may I suggest another "must" read, but not before breakfast.


Who Rules the World

Noam Chomsky

Copyright @ 2016 by L. Valeria Galvao-Wasserman-Chomsky - Picador - 175 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10010.

Noam Chomsky is a contemporary psychologist, linguist, and political activist known both for his theory of innate grammar and for his political activism.

"Introduction" - "The question raised by the title of this book cannot have a simple and definite answer" - I disagree totally, for we, the masses, have missed the most relevant "answer" and that all of our present hierarchical systems of governance are at the hands of the evil in our midst, the psychopaths. I rushed to read this book as soon (2020)  as it became available as I thought that it might have something more definitive about "Who rules the World" in order to complete my thesis as I am now  into writing my conclusion, Chapter 6.  It did not!


Political Ponerology

Andrew Lobaczewski

Ponerology”: n. division of theology dealing with evil; theological doctrine of wickedness or evil; from the Greek: poneros -> evil'.
Andrzej Lobaczewski's  (et.al) Study at the  Jagiellonian University under professor of psychiatry Edward Brzezicki. Łobaczewski's class was the last to receive an education uninfluenced by Soviet ideology.

When I first read this book I was flabbergasted at its content; and then began to realize this was the most,  and missing to this point,  important piece of evidence that would explain the present state of a chaotic state of affairs of all our governing systems including religion. Political ponerology was banned in the USA but is available, right in my own library for one.


Descent into Slavery

Des Griffin (1980)

Emissary Publications, South Pasadena, CA.

Des Griffin is an American author, born in Northern Ireland in 1934, in 1975, he was a primary founder of the independent publishing house Emissary Publications.

The author zeros in on the International Bankers and presents, in carefully documented detail, the story of their total involvement in the Illuminati which I believe is just another committee of the Committee of 300, and a plot to create a totalitarian One World government. When you finish Descent Into Slavery your view of the national and international affairs will never be the same again!


Global Research News

Michel Chossudovsky (2015)

Global Research Publishers, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG); PO Box 55019, 11, rue Notre Dame Quest, Montreal, Quebec.

I have followed "Global Research" - Michel Chossudovsky - news for several years now and it is my go to place to get a real assessment of world affairs. Michel Chossudovsky is a Canadian economist, author and conspiracy theorist. He is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Ottawa and the president and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, which publishes conspiracy theories. Chossudovsky has promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories;

Born: 1946 (age 73 years), Canada

EducationThe University of Manchester


The Globalization of War, America's "Long War" against Humanity

Michel Chossudovsky

This book focuses on the post World War II Americas long war on humanity from Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and I might add any government that might show the slightest reluctance in following the agenda of the United States of America. It is the continuum of US foreign policy of the Truman Doctrine to the administrations of the Bush's and Obama to the present President of the United States. War and globalization are intricately related.

The Global Economic Crisis - The Great Depression of the XX1 Century

Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Editors ;  2010 Global Research Publishers is a division of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

This book is not dealing with a narrowly defined economic crisis or recession. It is all about a global financial structure that sustains the strategic and national security objectives of the US - NATO military agenda which in turn serves the agenda of a powerful business elite and  the consequences are that this agenda  undermines the function of any and all civilian governments. 


The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order Paperback

Michel Chossudovsky (2003)

Another must read by this author;  This book outlines the contours of a New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women.

War and Globalisation The Truth Behind September 11 Paperback – Oct 1 2002

by Michel Chossudovsky (Author)


In this timely study, Michel Chossudovsky blows away the smokescreen, put up by the mainstream media, that 9-11 was an "intelligence failure". Through his usual meticulous research the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.

America's War on Terrorism Paperback

Michel Chossudovsky (2005)

Millions of people have been misled regarding the causes and consequences of September 11, 2001, the attack on New York city on that date. This book blows away the smoke screen put up by the Bush administration that it was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack but in fact it may have been the creation of United States foreign policy and the hands of the CIA. These aforementioned books by Professor Chossudovsky  are  must read books for those who wish to understand why our  present chaotic affairs is now taking place on our Planet Earth. It is a long read but worth it.

The New Pearl Harbor - Disturbing Question about the Bush Administration and 9/11

David Ray Griffin (2004 ) by Olive Branch Press Northampton Massachusetts 01060:

This is a must read for not only the American masses but the people of all nations that are victims of this "war on terror" by the United States of America and its cronies, Great Britain, the Nato Alliances et al.


Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

Robert D. Hare

Robert Hare was named to the Order of Canada, one of Canada's highest civilian honors. The Order of Canada recognizes a lifetime of achievement and contribution to society, and was presented by the Governor General of Canada.

Another most disturbing book on the physcopaths in our midst and how they manipulate everyone and everything for the sake of absolute power over the masses, regardless of the future consequences to our planet and its people.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work Paperback

Dr. Paul Babiak, Ph.D. (2007)

The author is a New York-based industrial and organizational psychologist, and president of HRBackOffice, an executive coaching and consulting firms.  Snakes in Suits is a compelling, frightening, and scientifically sound look at exactly how psychopaths work in the corporate environment and what kind of companies attract them, how they negotiate the hiring process, and how they function day by day.


Shadow Government

Published 2014 by Haymarket Books, Chicago IL 60618

Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World

Tom Engelhard

The author created and runs the Tomdispatch.com website, a project of The Nation Institute where he is a Fellow. Shadow Government offers a powerful survey of a democracy of the wealthy that your grandparents wouldn’t have recognized. This book is all about  president(s) turned into assassin chiefs fighting secret wars all over the world for the benefit of the ruling elite.


The Psychopath Inside; Neuroscientist's personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain

James Fallon - published by the Penguin Group, New York, New York 10014

James H. "Jim" Fallon (born October 18, 1947) is an American neuroscientist. He is professor of psychiatry and human behavior and emeritus professor of anatomy and neurobiology in the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine.

After many years as a neuroscientist and quite familiar with scans that could/would determine who might be a physcopath and looking at the one in front of him, it suddenly dawned on him that it was his scan, he had been a psychopath.

The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

Dr. John Coleman

Dr. Coleman (born 1935) is an author and analyst of world affairs. He claims to have been a British Intelligence Officer for MI6 who has written several books and numerous papers analyzing the power structure of the world. His books are all about the tentacles of those hierarchies that would enslave the masses for the greater good of the One World Government; he exposes their very names regardless of their apparent standing in the highest of the high. After the book "political ponerology" as your first must read, this is the second must read to understand "who" is behind  the chaos that has enveloped our planet and its people.


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