Who is The Reluctant Prophet?

Mike Shymkowich Kennedy

I believe my current role can all be summed by the following conversation with this Archangel Michael:


"Why me? Why not me?" were questions I posed to the Archangel Michael on two occasions when I was charged with the task of addressing the United Nations and that "I" should/must tell it (the truth) "like it is", and of course the answer was "why not you". How could I not, coming from this Archangel Michael.


Once I settled into my role in this mission for the Archangel Michael, I no longer questioned my role in this mission to challenge the status quo of our governing systems, religion and the manipulations of those in wealth and great power that further their own narcissistic / psychopathic agendas.


The Archangel Michael's words will always be in "bold" print:


"A prophet @@ ( as we have stated previously, you all are in your own right) but it must be someone of such meekness, mildness, of such Love that he cries for your plight. But you must not see him in great stature for he is but one of you.  But ( we use that word many times in this discourse) someone must declare himself to lead you out of this frightful state that religion and men have taken you to".

@@ prophet somebody who advocates a cause or idea //somebody considered to be an inspired leader or teacher.


"He, Michael ( both Michaels@@) want nothing more but to lead you out of this morass that the people of planet Earth have created. Do you not realize it is time to take back your power as an individual of the Universe.  That you were/are being created for a more higher purpose, then to waste it on this separation of one from another."

@@ myself of course and that of Michael II - in this conversation I had not yet become aware of Michael II and believed it to be the Archangel Michael and me , this earth bound Michael; Michael II is a walk in Soul at the time of my near death at age 11.


"Yes, your Earthly Michael will be your Knight representative of the Knights of the Round table, we wish to create all for your purpose to full-fill  your earnest desire to enjoy the fruits of your labours.


I could ramble on BUT (yuk, there it is again) it is time for action not more words. Your Michael has all that he requires (needs would have been just as good, Michael)  to carry out this mission. So, gather around this gentle soul and he will lead you out of this darkness that engulfs planet Earth.


Go in Peace and Love and all will be and can be well....

M".  (The only signature required of this Archangel Michael)

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